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We provide high quality concrete-related services to both homeowners and business owners in Mackay, QLD 4740 and at Slade Point Mackay QLD.  It is our mission to produce excellent concrete finishes and give our clients a job done with superior value for their money.


Liven up your plain old grey driveway and bring it to life with our colouring service! It is up to you to choose what shade you want, we’ll make it happen! You can match it with your home aesthetic or any property and be brave with the colours. Turn heads with your driveway makeover for a reasonable price.


Not satisfied with average rating colours and want to add texture? Try patterns! We can achieve that by scoring, stamping, or engraving your floor. Do you want to go for geometric patterns? Brick? Cobblestone? Wood Plank? We are here for you. Choose any of your preferred shapes and completely transform your driveway!


Do you own a residence in Mackay QLD? If so, we specialise in concrete services for homeowners. Decorative concrete, cleaning, stamping, repairing, and stencilling are just some of our services, but we are versatile. Contact us, get a free quotation, and let us know what you want for your house!


Do you own a business in Mackay and want to revamp an area of your business property? Perhaps your parking lot? Staircases? Storefront? Then you need licensed professionals trained for this kind of job! We, at Concreters in Mackay, use specialised equipment and make sure our concreters are well-trained. You don’t have to worry about sloppy work or errors as we have qualified people with years of experience. You can only expect the best. If you are on the Gold Coast try our friends at Concreters Gold Coast.

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Concreters Mackay pty LTD is a credible provider of concrete-related services in Mackay, Queensland. We are experienced in this industry and are the go-to company for clients from Mackay. You can rest assured in the fact that we have qualified professionals for the job with a mission to deliver only high quality concrete finishes.

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Questions customers ask

  1. Strength and Longevity

To ensure durability, against vehicle traffic and weather opt for concrete with a strength of at least 25 MPa.

  1. Installation Quality

Verify that the base preparation involves compaction and a concrete slab thickness of at least 100mm.

  1. Surface Finishes

Select from exposed aggregate, brushed, or stamped finishes to enhance appeal and slip resistance.

  1. Drainage System

Maintain slope and incorporate drainage channels to prevent water accumulation and related damage.

  1. Upkeep Concerns

 It’s important to apply a coat of sealant every few years to safeguard against stains, cracks, and the effects of weathering.

  1. Is council permission required to build a driveway?

Yes in some cases you need council approval to construct or alter driveways in Queensland. This is done to ensure adherence to rules and standards.

  1. What are the criteria for constructing driveways?

Driveways should be built using materials for vehicle use. They should also be designed to prevent erosion and guarantee drainage.

  1. Are there guidelines on driveway slopes?

Driveways must have an incline that allows vehicles to access safely and reduces water runoff onto roads.

  1. Can driveways affect neighbouring properties?

Yes it’s important to consider how driveways might impact neighboring properties, such as by avoiding water flow onto lands.

  1. Factors Impacting Pricing

Size and Shape: Prices can vary depending on the size, in meters, and complexity.

Materials: The quality of the concrete used and any additional reinforcements can influence the overall cost.

Site Conditions: Factors like accessibility, slope of the land and any existing groundwork can also impact pricing.

  1. Average Cost Estimates

Basic Concrete: Usually falls within the range of $85 to $120 per meter.

Decorative Finishes: Opting for stenciling or exposed finishes may raise costs to around $100. $150 per square meter.

Additional Features: Including features like kerbing, drainage systems or excavation work could add an extra $20. $50 per meter.

  1. Sample Cost Breakdowns

For a 50 square meter driveway you might expect to pay $4,250. $6,000.

If you choose finishes for the size driveway costs could range from about $5,000. $7,500.

  1. Consultation and Estimates

It’s advisable to seek quotes from professionals to get an assessment of costs tailored to your specific project.