Out of all composite materials, concrete is probably the most popular, durable, and cost-effective type. Apart from that, it’s also very easy to maintain. You can probably see concrete all around you.

We offer plain concrete construction in Mackay and surrounding areas.

We have rates that are flexible on walkways, patios, slabs, and more. Just because they are within your budget, doesn’t mean that the quality is compromised. On the contrary, it’s strong and long-lasting.

You might be wondering, how would you know who the right person to hire is? A professional concreter should know the specifications needed during the installation and should ensure quality of workmanship and the tools used.

Concreters Mackay’s professional concreters will take care of you! You don’t have to worry in the hands of well-trained workers with years of experience. Send us a message today and we’ll get in touch with you!


You can never go wrong with concrete. It’s a worthy investment to opt for a material that is well-built and lasts long. Most importantly, it’s important to invest in the right people to do the job.

Usually, estimating the cost of plain concrete construction happens after the inspection is done. When we’ve determined the issues and the service needed to solve those issues, we’ll estimate the cost and give you a comprehensive and an itemised quote.

As a part of our process, we encourage you to pick a design you might like or your preferred colour with our extensive catalog. You can also choose patterns or other decorative options, as well. We can also adjust to your budget. Be bold with your aesthetic and leave it to Concreters Mackay!

We pride ourselves with our skills and knowledge in concreting so send us a message now and let’s see how we can work for you.

Cost-effective Plain Concrete Construction in Mackay


Concreters Mackay is a credible provider of concrete-related services in Mackay, Queensland. We are experienced in this industry and are the go-to company for clients from Mackay. You can rest assured in the fact that we have qualified professionals for the job with a mission to deliver only high quality concrete finishes.