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About Concreters Mackay

Concreters Mackay are experienced concreters whose goal is to provide top-notch concreting in Mackay, Queensland. That’s why our services are trusted by both home and business owners. We provide numerous decorative options including concrete colouring, stamping, resealing, repairs, and resurfacing. It’s affordable, too!

With a lot of experience in the field, you can trust that our concreters are well-trained and equipped for this kind of job. Let us know what you want and we’ll do everything we can to achieve it, within the budget set, of course. We are also known to be versatile so go crazy on your creative ideas and we’ll make it happen! That is how much we care for our clients.

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Concreters Mackay are trusted in Mackay when it comes to concrete-related work. Learn more by navigating through our website.


If you are wondering what can be done for your property, we’ll give you suggestions and advice! We’ll see what’s the best service and tool for you.

Decorative Finishes

Coloured, stamped, exposed aggregate, polished, and more! We have extensive options to choose from with regard to decorative finishes. The aesthetic possibilities are endless!


Did you already have your concrete done in the past and just want to preserve its structure and beauty? No problem! We got the right concreting service for you! With resurfacing, we’ll pour our cement-based overlay mixed with special bonding agents over your existing concrete to give it a pristine look while making it sturdier and stronger. Get in touch to know more about this service!


Concreters Mackay is a credible provider of concrete-related services in Mackay, Queensland. We are experienced in this industry and are the go-to company for clients from Mackay. You can rest assured in the fact that we have qualified professionals for the job with a mission to deliver only high quality concrete finishes.